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Annually in January

Every year in January  Fafiza Foundations embarks on a School Uniform & Shoes Drive. The aim of this initiative is to get underprivileged school kids (mostly primary schools) ready for the new schooling year.

The target for the initiative is to collect hundreds of school uniform and pairs of shoes to be distributed among the underprivileged little ones. For more info contact us at info@fafizafoundation.org.za 


Annually in March or Beginning of April

Every year around end of March or beginning of April (depending on which weekend suits us best) Fafiza Foundation host a Fundraising Event and a Birthday Celebration. Here we Invite all sponsors; Friends and Family of the foundation to come and spend a day with us at a picnic spot around Gauteng. On the day we raise funds by having a raffle competition.

However, this year 2020, we will be celebrating our 4th birthday at a home of disabled children in Carletonville (GP). This will mark our first ever Fafiza Foundation Charity Closet & Birthday Celebration. The idea is to collect New & Gently used Clothes; New socks and underwear; and  New & Used toys to be donated on the day. 


Annually between  June; July or August

Every year we have a  SANITARY TOWELS & TOILETRIES  DRIVE campaign. We collect and donate these items to school (s). The campaign encourages girls to talk and be free about their cycles. It also encourages pupils to not be absent from school due to their periods and hygiene. In 2018, started including toiletries to this initiative. The idea behind it was to accommodate boys as well in this charity event.

Should you be interested in donating/pledging towards this campaign please contact us at info@fafizafoundation.org.za or call us on +27 (0) 87 510 2278 . 


Mandela Day Home Visit.

Annual Event around July

Annually around July we visit a home (Mentally Impaired; Disability; Old Age; Orphanage etc) anywhere around the country. We go earlier in the year to establish what they need and try to cover most of the things on their "Wish List". 

This year (2020) we are shifting the posts. We will be celebrating by gathering all our members and anyone who is willing to donate blood to come and join us at Centurion SANBS for blood donation. Donating blood saves lives, and that's exactly what we intend to do!!

For more info, send an email to info info@fafizafoundation.org.za  or call us on +27 (0) 87 510 2278


Annually in December

The Festive season is time to be jolly and spend time with your loved ones. Every year around December Fafiza Foundation spends a day at a chosen home (Mentally Impaired; Disability; Old Age; Orphanage etc) anywhere around the country and have Christmas lunch with them. We also find out whats on their "wish list" and try by all means to meet their needs. This is the last event for the Foundation for each year.

For more info on how to donate, pledge or be part of this event, please contact us at info@fafizafoundation.org.za